The Results are in and Extremely Positive!

As most of you know, our team is constantly testing for new and improved methods in order to maximize production at the highest level. We are very proud of the products we offer, but we don’t rest on our laurels.Therefore, we strive to update you with improved performance strategies.

Some of our first time customers start out using the MycoGold Bio Inoculant seed treatment along with their soil appropriate fertilizer program. While this is an effective and successful “stand alone” input strategy, we have experienced all positive results using an additional carbon source along with MycoGold.

Over the past couple of years, ourselves and a group of MycoGold customers have been testing MycoGold Inoculants along with various additional carbon source inputs. Excellent results were obtained by our customers and us using various carbon sources such as sugar and other carbon rich products that are soluble.Testing included applications in furrow and as a foliar. Carbon provides an additional food source for the microbial organisms contained within MycoGold. Think of it this way. The bio stimulant package in all MycoGold Inoculant product blends are an adequate three course meal for the live organisms. Adding an additional carbon source is like offering a twelve course meal for the critters resulting in better plant growth at the most crucial growth cycles which increases production.
(This as a serious recommendation and a powerful one-two punch combination)

There are multiple carbon source conditioner products available; consult with your local MycoGold representative for guidance. Considering all the different carbon source products tested, we recommend using Complex Bio-Carb for its extended release properties, performance, and overall efficacy. Complex Bio-Carb is available exclusively through MycoGold and may be applied in furrow with or without fertilizer. It can also be applied as foliar along with pesticide.

Multiple application choices ranging from $2.50-$5.00 per acre.

NOTE: Due to improved results, our team of bio-scientist and agronomists have decided to incorporate an additional humic/fulvic acid into our MycoGold seed inoculants. Application rates are the same with the only difference resulting in the removal of graphite from the product. The humic/fulvic addition has a similar lubrication effect that graphite provides. Humic acid is an effective agent to use as a complement to synthetic or organic fertilizers. In many instances, regular humic acid use will reduce the need for fertilization due to the soil’s and plant’s ability to make better use of it. In some occurrences, fertilization can be eliminated entirely if sufficient organic material is present and the soil can become self-sustaining through microbial processes and humus production. This addition will compliment and further fortify MycoGold Bio Inoculant.