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MycoGold® Soybean Blend

This crop specific dry powder blend soybean inoculant is a combination of nitrogen generating bacteria, Bio-Stimulants, Mycorrhizal Fungi, Beauveria Bassiana Fungi, and Micro-Nutrients resulting in maximum yield results, better soil biology, and improved drought stress protection.

MycoGold® Corn Blend

Corn dry powder seed inoculant is a perfect combination of Nitrogen generating bacteria, Bio-Stimulants, Mycorrhizal Fungi, Beauveria Bassiana Fungi, and a group of Micro-Nutrients working as a biological inoculant arsenal resulting in maximum bushels per acre.

MycoGold® Liquid for Peanuts

This Liquid blend peanut inoculant is a combination of a specially formulated Azospirillum, Azotobacter, and Rhodopseudomonas beneficial bacteria along with Beauveria Bassiana, and Mycorrhizal Fungi providing maximum yield and Seg 1 peanuts.


MycoGold® Potatoes

MycoGold® Liquid for potatoes is the only Potato seed inoculant treatment that provides the combination blend of Mycorrhizal Fungi, Beauveria Bassiana, and Nitrogen generating Bacteria. Get MycoGold Liquid on your potatoes for better yields, better protection, and improved drought resistance.


MycoGold® Cotton Blend

MycoGold™ Cotton dry powder Blend is the only biological inoculant product for cotton that provides the combination blends of Nitrogen generating Bacteria, Bio-Stimulants, Mycorrhizal Fungi, Beauveria Bassiana Fungi, and Micro-Nutrients.

MycoGold® Sorghum Blend

Sorghum Blend dry powder biological inoculant product is the combination blend of Nitrogen generating bacteria, Bio-Stimulants, Micro-Nutrients, Beauveria Bassiana, and Mycorrhizal Fungi.


MycoGold® Wheat Blend

Wheat Blend dry powder inoculant contains Nitrogen generating bacteria, Bio-Stimulants, Mycorrhizal fungi, Beauveria Bassiana, and Micro-Nutrients for a robust wheat crop.

MycoGold® Liquid

MycoGold® Liquid is simply a soluble liquid version for those who prefer to work with liquid version inputs. MycoGold Liquid contains the same blend of beneficial fungi and bacteria as our dry blends.


MycoGold® Specialty Crop

Specialty Crop biological inoculant product is the combination blend of Nitrogen generating bacteria, Bio-Stimulants, Micro-Nutrients, Beauveria Bassiana, and Mycorrhizal Fungi.


Complex Bio-Carb™

Adding carbon and micronutrients is critical to maximizing the health of the plant. Producers in today’s modern agricultural systems are working with soils that contain far less carbon than our soils originally contained.


MycoGold® BioTurf Supreme

BioTurf Supreme biological lawn care liquid is the combination blend of multiple beneficial bacteria and fungi to produce and protect healthy lush lawns.

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“Where else can you get a mycorrhizal biological Inoculant that has everything MycoGold provides?”………”You Can’t!”

“At $6 per Acre, It’s a No Brainer!”

“Every day we hear, “I need to cut back due to market prices”….Naturally, MycoGold biological inoculant helps you do just that.”

How Do I Apply MycoGold Inoculant on my Farm?

Any farmer can enrich crop root growth, increase yield, and reduce irrigation and fertilizer use by introducing MycoGold® biological seed inoculant to their crops. A better approach to establishing growth is using MycoGold® as a seed inoculant at planting.

MycoGold® uses a talc carrier and needs a physical contact with the seed prior to sowing. Mix MycoGold® biological Inoculant evenly with seeds when filling seeder using grain auger or directly in the hopper or other container.

DRY SEED TREATERS We use a dry powder seed treater on our farms to easily deliver MycoGold® onto our seeds. It’s worth noting that MycoGold inoculant also performs as a seed lubricant for your planting equipment.

Beware…Not all Biological Inoculants are created Equal!

Since discovering mycorrhizal fungi, we have been very busy testing various blends, amounts, varieties, and application methods of mycorrhizae with combination bacteria and other active ingredients on different crops. Fortunately for you, we have taken the guess work out using biologicals with row crops and have developed the complete biological inoculant arsenal package. We have learned that not all manufacturers of mycorrhizae are the same. There are companies out there cutting corners and offer a so called “biological inoculant” that offer only one, or maximum two, of our active ingredients. This can be problematic as we can attest. Consistency of performance each growing season is at risk due to variables in farming and not having the full biological inoculant arsenal that MycoGold provides.

Make absolutely sure that the mycorrhizal fungi you are using has these musts…..•

1. Consists of enough propagules for each specific crop. NOTE: It is important to have the proper amount of propagules to ensure success. We have tested our crop specific blends that provide the necessary amount of product for efficiency of both production and cost.

2. Mycorrhizal fungi needs physical contact with the seed prior to sowing. Any other method of use is risky and may not produce desired results. We have demonstrated the maximum yields through our combination blends.

Our crop specific blends are tried and tested which has become part of the MycoGold® product line. Although we continuously test different blends and methods, Unlike other mycorrhizal fungi producers, we combine the ultimate arsenal of active microbial organisms and proper strains that provide consistent results each growing season. You can be absolutely sure that the MycoGold® inoculants you receive is exactly what we use on our farms.

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