MycoGold Liquid Products – Biological Liquid Seed Treatment or In-Furrow

Achieve Golden Yields with MycoGold Liquid Products

MycoGold Liquid

MycoGold® Liquid is simply a soluble liquid version for those who prefer to work with liquid version inputs. MycoGold Liquid contains the same blend of beneficial fungi and bacteria as our dry blends.

MycoGold Liquid for use on:

  • Corn
  • Wheat, Barley, Oats
  • Potatoes
  • Cotton
  • Sorghum
  • Vegetables

Soybean + Legumes

MycoGold® Soybean+Legumes Liquid is simply a soluble liquid version for those who prefer to work with liquid version inputs. MycoGold Soybean + Legumes Liquid contains the same blend of beneficial fungi and bacteria as our Soybean dry blend.

MycoGold Soybean+Legumes Liquid for use on:

  • Soybeans
  • Peanuts
  • Other Legumes

Complete Package Biological Liquid Seed Treatment Inoculant

Pro Tip on using MycoGold Liquid Products

The difference between our Liquid product and our dry product is simple. In order to preserve the microbes in our liquid version, we are unable to package with the biostimulant packages that our dry versions contain.

Therefore, we highly recommend that when using our liquid inoculants, Complex Bio-Carb (also liquid) is used in conjunction. Adding the Complex Bio-Carb along with MycoGold Liquids gives you the full arsenal package that will perform as well as our dry powder blends.

See Labels for application rates.


MycoGold® Liquid biological seed treatment inoculants work like a bio fertilizer that will stimulate and increase the root system for a much more robust plant. This in turn will ensure your crop has efficient water uptake, better nutrient uptake, and drought stress tolerance. As a bio fertilizer, many of our MycoGold customers will use our biologicals with reduced fertilizer inputs and have equal or better results. MycoGold Liquid products are a “must use” bio inoculant for maximum yields.

Application Methods

MycoGold® Liquid products may be diluted and sprayed directly on seed or in-furrow.

Custom Seed Treatment:
As an alternative treatment method, MycoGold® may also be used as a customized seed application. Certain restrictions apply. Talk to your MycoGold representative for more information.

The MycoGold Advantage

8-20% Yield Increases

By improving nutrient uptake and soil biology, MycoGold seed inoculant supports plant growth leading to yield increases.

10-25% Reduction of Fertilizer

MycoGold’s key bacteria and fungi work as bio fertilizers that fix Nitrogen, unlock P, and create better root development and soil biology which allows better uptake of nutrients.

High Counts of Endo Fungi Propagules

Propagules start benefiting the plant in the early stages and are more effective than spores for row crops short growing season.

Improved Drought Resistance

Since MycoGold seed inoculant supports water uptake from the soil, they strengthen plants in drought periods. This is a high importance in times of increasingly extreme climate conditions.

Improved Pest Resistance

Through root colonization, researchers have determined better plant defense against disease. The Beauveria Bassiana fungi grows endophytically through the plant defending against various insect pests.

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