Farmers are Getting to Know Mycorrhizal Fungi

Farmers are getting to know mycorrhizal fungi

MycoGold Biological Inoculant featuring Mycorrhizal Fungi increases yields Farmers mycorrhizal fungi.

Morgan, Minnesota MycoGold has introduced its biological inoculant to Midwest farmers at Farm Fest this year. The U.S. Company touts MycoGold as being the “Complete Package” biological arsenal that gives farmers more productivity and improves soil biology. MycoGold is a planter box seed treatment consisting of Micro-Nutrients, Bio-Stimulants, Mycorrhizal Fungi, and crop specific Bacteria all within an 80/20 talc-graphite carrier. The product line offers different crop blends for Soybean, Corn, Sorghum, Wheat, and Specialty crops. “The benefits of biological inoculants are starting to gain traction with U.S farmers and for good reason,” says Scott Parker, director of U.S. operations at MycoGold USA. “We have been farming in Ukraine for the last 20 years where we manage 30,000 acres of mainly soybeans and corn. We are way ahead of the curve when it comes to farming with biological input products as it is more common in Eastern Europe than in the United States. We are very excited to get this in the hands of local farmers. A common complaint that we often hear from farmers, and frankly had ourselves, is that many of these biological products are inconsistent in performance year to year. You may get yield increases one year and a zero the next year. We have experienced these types of results ourselves and have solved this problem with the creation of MycoGold. Our product delivers a positive ROI year after year. We don’t like “break even” products and I believe our sentiments are shared in that regard.”

Mycorrhizal fungi

The company indicates that many of the active ingredients found in MycoGold are sold as “stand alone” ingredients among other bio products available. “This is just one of the many reasons MycoGold performs so well and on a consistent basis,” says Parker, “After years of trial and error with other bio products, we have developed the perfect combination of live organisms that work symbiotically with the plant from germination to harvest that really pays dividends. It’s also worth noting we have reduced our other input costs.” Parker says that MycoGold users receive anywhere from 8% to 25% yield increases over untreated crops depending on conditions. He also noted that they are not just another inoculant company selling products to farmers. They actually use MycoGold on their own farms. Parker states that the mycorrhizal fungus in MycoGold allows farmers to reduce certain fertilizer applications. “It has been well documented that Mycorrhizal fungi has the unique ability to unlock phosphorus and utilize it for uptake in the plant,” Parker says. “As a matter of fact, mycorrhiza is the only fungi classified as a bio-fertilizer which is one of the multiple benefits it provides. Many farmers have never heard of mycorrhizal fungi before and we hope to change that. I encourage them to research the benefits of mycorrhizal fungi as there are over 70,000 independent scientific studies conducted by over 20 colleges and universities. With grain prices where they are, it’s important to get more productivity now than ever before.”
MycoGold Availability
MycoGold Product Crop Blends are available for the 2016 growing season. The company is currently seeking local distribution but products may be acquired through their U.S. headquarters located in Ohio including free freight.
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