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Achieve Golden Yields with Pro Grow

MycoGold® Pro Grow is a complete package biological additive that provides the combination blend of Beauveria Bassiana, Mycorrhizal Fungi, Bio Stimulants, Azospirillum/Azotobacter, and a group of highly effective micro-nutrients. This Biological Arsenal inoculant works symbiotically with the plant to produce a larger more efficient root system for better yields, provides drought stress protection, and defends soil pathogens and insects.

Complete Package Biological Seed Inoculant for Gardens and Cannabis

How MycoGold® Pro Grow works
and why it’s so Effective

The combination of Beauveria Bassiana and Mycorrhizal fungi work together providing the best corn biological inoculant tandem for your cotton crop. The Beauveria Bassiana helps defend against soil pathogens and insects. We use the beauveria bassiana fungi to help thwart infestation of corn borer. The mycorrhizal fungi increases the root absorption area up to 1000 times more than an untreated plant. The increased hyphae, or root hairs created by Mycorrhizae allow for better absorption of P and other immobile nutrients. Azospirillum/Azotobacter bacteria helps generate nitrogen for non-legumes. The chelated micro-nutrients give your plants that boost during the initial growing stage allowing for a head start. Last but not least, the Bio Stimulants in chelated form accelerate and promote the growth process that pays off.

Application Methods

Water in with Transplants:
MycoGold® Pro Grow may be mixed with water and applied with transplanted plants.
MycoGold may be mixed for hydro and DWC use.

See label for application rate.

Pro Grow For Cannabis

We have several cannabis customers that use MycoGold Specialty Crop as part of their input strategies. Results have been positive for our newer hemp growers using MycoGold Specialty crop as well.


MycoGold® Pro Grow biological inoculant works like a bio fertilizer that will stimulate and increase the root system for a much more robust plant. This in turn will ensure the plant has efficient water uptake, better nutrient uptake, and drought stress tolerance. As a bio fertilizer. MycoGold Pro Grow users have reaped the benefits of increased production.

Larger Green House or indoor growing facilities, contact us for bulk orders

The MycoGold Advantage

8-20% Yield Increases

By improving nutrient uptake and soil biology, MycoGold seed inoculant supports plant growth leading to yield increases.

10-25% Reduction of Fertilizer

MycoGold’s key bacteria and fungi work as bio fertilizers that fix Nitrogen, unlock P, and create better root development and soil biology which allows better uptake of nutrients.

High Counts of Endo Fungi Propagules

Propagules start benefiting the plant in the early stages and are more effective than spores for row crops short growing season.

Improved Drought Resistance

Since MycoGold seed inoculant supports water uptake from the soil, they strengthen plants in drought periods. This is a high importance in times of increasingly extreme climate conditions.

Improved Pest Resistance

Through root colonization, researchers have determined better plant defense against disease. The Beauveria Bassiana fungi grows endophytically through the plant defending against various insect pests.

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MycoGold was developed by farmers, for farmers. We know the challenges involved in farming and understand how important it is to get your input costs where they need to be while providing maximum production in return. Give MycoGold a try on your farm and realize it’s really worth Gold to your crops.